About The Project

We crafted an intriguing AR filter that captures people’s attention with an exciting 3D skull effect. This unique filter triggers the appearance of a 3D skull whenever someone opens their mouth while using the filter.

The filter’s interactive nature makes it an entertaining and engaging experience for users. As people open their mouths, the 3D skull materializes, adding a touch of fun and surprise to their videos or photos. The realistic and visually appealing design of the skull enhances the overall effect and leaves users impressed with the creativity and innovation of the filter.

The ability to transform facial expressions into something as captivating as a 3D skull has been a hit among Instagram users. Many people have been using the filter to create playful and humorous content, which they share with their friends and followers. The filter’s popularity has spread quickly through social media, leading to an increased number of users trying it out and sharing their experiences.

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