About The Project

We brought a delightful and enchanting AR filter to life by creating a 3D Pikachu that appears and dances. This captivating filter captures the hearts of users as the beloved Pikachu character springs into action with its adorable dance moves.

The filter’s interactive and animated nature adds a touch of magic. As users apply the filter, the 3D Pikachu makes its appearance, spreading joy and excitement among those who use it. The attention to detail in the Pikachu’s design and its lively dance performance make the filter truly entertaining and engaging for both kids and adults alike.

Pikachu’s popularity as an iconic and beloved character from the Pokémon franchise has made this AR filter a resounding success. People have been captivated by the opportunity to interact with Pikachu in their own videos, and they eagerly share these delightful moments with their friends and followers on Instagram.

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