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Shopify Editions Summer 24 is here, bringing a wave of exciting updates that solidify Shopify’s vision for Unified Commerce. This season’s release showcases over 150 updates that seamlessly integrate online, in-person (POS), B2B, and D2C functionalities into a unified platform.

Understanding the Terms

Before diving into the updates, let’s clarify the key terms used to describe different types of Shopify projects:

  • No Code: Shopify Theme projects that don’t require coding, ideal for quick, cost-effective online setups for small to medium-sized businesses.
  • Native Build: Custom Shopify Themes that involve some coding to tailor designs and features, offering more control and flexibility.
  • Custom Build: Headless Commerce that decouples the frontend from Shopify’s backend, providing complete control and flexibility for large enterprises.

Unified Shopify Markets for greater efficiency

Yasmin from Shopify Consultancy Lead highlighted the significant boost in operational efficiency brought by the new unified Shopify Markets. This centralized dashboard simplifies the management of cross-border, B2B, and in-person selling, making it easier for merchants to handle their businesses.

Key Update: Shopify Markets centralizes management for cross-border, B2B, and in-person selling, allowing businesses to customize catalogs, themes, currencies, and domains for each market. You can find more information about it here

Enhanced Customization Capabilities

Enhanced Customization Capabilities

Tico Head of Product emphasized the new style settings for themes, which allow merchants to customize their store’s layout, size, and spacing without needing a developer. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses with limited budgets. The Hydrogen Visual Editor also simplifies headless commerce, making it more accessible to a broader range of merchants.

Key Updates:

  • New Style Settings for Themes: Enhanced customization capabilities without coding, beneficial for small businesses.
  • Hydrogen Visual Editor: Simplifies headless commerce by providing a visual editor that syncs with GitHub, making it easier for non-technical users to make changes.

Scalable B2B Solutions

Shopify Editions Summer 24 introduces new B2B features allow merchants to tailor the shopping experience for different B2B markets, enhancing Shopify’s B2B offerings. The ability to create up to 10,000 ship-to locations per company profile and manage extensive distribution networks is a game-changer for larger merchants.

Key Updates:

  • Trade Theme for B2B: Easily set up a B2B store designed for repeat and bulk purchasing. See the theme here
  • Markets for B2B: Customize store themes for different B2B markets from a single store.
  • Manual Payment Methods: Offer B2B customers manual payment methods at checkout.
  • 10K Ship-to Locations: Manage up to 10,000 company locations and customers in one place.

Smarter Analytics and Marketing Innovations

Yasmin, Shopify Consultancy lead praised the new analytics platform, which offers faster, more intuitive, and customizable dashboards. This helps merchants make better marketing decisions and optimize their campaigns effectively.

Key Update: The new analytics platform provides real-time insights and customizable dashboards, helping merchants optimize their marketing strategies.

Improved Conversion Rates with Greater Transparency

Shopify Editions Summer 24 introduces the split checkout feature allows customers to see if their order will be split into multiple shipments and choose their preferred shipping options for each. Including duties and taxes in product prices helps prevent unexpected costs at checkout, increasing conversions for international buyers.

Key Updates:

  • Split Shipping in Checkout: Allows customers to choose shipping options for each part of their order. you can find more information about it here
  • Including Duties in Product Prices: Display duties and taxes within the product price for international buyers.

The split checkout feature is a big win for merchants. This transparency reduces support inquiries and gives customers more control over their orders.

Streamlining retail operations

Yasmin, Shopify Consultancy Lead highlighted the latest POS updates in Shopify Editions Summer 24, which enhance inventory management, customer engagement, and operational efficiency. Custom product catalogs for POS locations, Shop Pay integration, automated return rules, and ship-to-store options significantly benefit small to mid-sized merchants.

Key Updates:

  • Custom Product Catalogs for POS: Tailor inventory and pricing strategies for different stores. More information here
  • Shop Pay Integration: Facilitates quick sign-up for email marketing and customer engagement.
  • Return Rules: Simplifies in-store returns with automated eligibility checks.
  • Ship to Store: Increases convenience for customers who prefer in-store pickup. More information here
  • Ship from Store: Allows merchants to fulfill orders from any POS location, optimizing logistics.

Advanced Support and Customization

In Shopify Editions Summer 24 Shopify Plus merchants can now combine multiple products into one listing, improving product merchandising. Shopify Magic, an AI tool, assists with customer inquiries, speeding up response times and making support more efficient.

Key Updates:

  • Combined Listings: Combine multiple products into one listing, improving customer experience. Get the app here
  • Shopify Magic: AI-generated replies in Shopify Inbox to assist with customer inquiries.
  • Checkout Blocks: Customize checkout pages with features like custom banners and loyalty rewards. Get the app here.


Shopify Editions Summer 24 takes another stride toward solidifying Unified Commerce. From seamless B2B features to smarter analytics and powerful AI tools, Shopify continues to redefine the future of commerce.

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