About The Project

We successfully created a series of captivating AR filters for the Valentine Week Campaign of InstaAstro, an astrology-based company. This campaign is aimed at engaging users during the Valentine’s week and providing them with fun and personalized experiences related to astrology and love.

The AR filters created by us for InstaAstro’s Valentine Week Campaign are designed to tap into the romantic spirit of the occasion. These filters include elements like chocolates, teddy, roses, and other astrology-themed visuals, all of which align with InstaAstro’s brand identity and the essence of Valentine’s week.

Through the power of augmented reality, our filters enable users to create entertaining and shareable content on Instagram. Users can apply these filters to their photos or videos, allowing them to display their predictions, receive astrology-based love predictions, or share adorable moments with their loved ones in a whimsical and enchanting way.