About The Project

We have successfully designed and developed AR filter for the Event Campaign of the India Internet Governance Forum (IIGF). As a multistakeholder platform dedicated to addressing public policy issues related to the Internet in India, IIGF aims to bring together diverse stakeholders to foster dialogue and collaboration.

The AR filters created by BucketListHuman for the IIGF Event Campaign are intended to enhance user engagement and create a fun and interactive experience for participants. These filters could be used by attendees and followers of the IIGF’s social media channels, allowing them to promote the event, raise awareness about Internet governance issues, and generate excitement among their networks.

By leveraging Instagram’s AR technology, BucketListHuman has brought a unique and innovative dimension to the IIGF’s communication strategy. These AR filters include virtual elements that incorporate the IIGF’s logo, branding elements, and relevant Internet-themed visuals.

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