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Google Search Notes, a novel feature designed to enhance user engagement and refine search results.

With Notes, Google aims to transform search from a passive information consumption experience into an active community-driven exchange, where users can collectively curate and refine the vast ocean of online information.

How it works

Google Search’s new Notes feature allows users to add notes to search results. These notes can be seen by other users and can contain text, images, and stickers. Google plans to use the notes to improve the quality of search results.

What it looks like

When a user adds a note to a search result, the note is displayed below the result. The note includes the user’s name, a timestamp, and the note content. Users can also see how many other users have added notes to the result.

Read the official documentation of Google – Try Notes, a new experiment in Search Labs


Google Search’s Notes feature is a new way for users to share information and improve the quality of search results. The feature is still in testing, but it has the potential to be a valuable tool for both users and search engines.

Here are some additional details from the article:

  • Users can add notes to any search result, regardless of whether or not they are signed in to Google.
  • Notes are ranked by a variety of factors, including the number of upvotes they have received, the relevance of the note to the search result, and the quality of the note content.
  • Google plans to use notes to improve the quality of search results by identifying high-quality notes and using them to rank search results.

Overall, Google Search’s Notes feature is a promising new development that has the potential to make search results more informative and engaging.

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